Sample Notice Letter to Sue the City or Police (5:App B)

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This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by the Law Students' Legal Advice Program on July 8, 2023.


Reply to: [Your Name]

Direct Line:


City of Vancouver

453 West 12th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Attention: City Clerk

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: [YOUR NAME] – Incident with VPD – [DATE OF INCIDENT]

I am writing this letter to give you notice of the time, place, and manner of damages caused to me by Vancouver Police Department officers pursuant to section 294(2) of the Vancouver Charter.

On [DATE OF INCIDENT] at approximately [TIME OF DAY] .. [enter a brief description of the events]

Because of the actions of the VPD officers, I have suffered the following injuries:




I am now contemplating a civil suit against the officers involved and the City of Vancouver for [enter a brief description of the legal cause of action, i.e. assault and battery, negligence, or breach of Charter rights].

The VPD incident number in this matter is [ENTER INCIDENT # IF KNOWN – IF UNKNOWN THEN DELETE THIS LINE]



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