List of Abbreviations regarding Workers' Compensation (7:App A)

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This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by the Law Students' Legal Advice Program on August 1, 2023.

  • ASTD: Activity-Related Soft Tissue Disorder
  • ATA: Administrative Tribunals Act, SBC 2004, c 45
  • BMA: Board Medical Advisor
  • CM: Case Manager
  • CMS: Claims Management Solutions
  • DA: Disability Awards
  • EI: Employment Insurance
  • EO: Entitlement Officer
  • FPO: Fair Practices Officer
  • LOE: Loss of Earnings Pension
  • LTWR: Long-Term Wage Rate
  • MMR: Maximum Medical Recovery
  • MRPP: Manual of Rules, Policy and Procedure
  • OHS: Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, BC Reg 296/97
  • PD: Practice Directives
  • PDES: Permanent Disability Evaluation Schedule
  • PFI: Permanent Functional Impairment
  • POP: Personal Optional Protection
  • R&L: (Medical) Restrictions and Limitations
  • RSCM: Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual (Volumes I and II)
  • RTW: Return to Work
  • STWR: Short-Term Wage Rate
  • TPD: Temporary Partial Disability
  • TTD: Temporary Total Disability
  • TWL: Temporary Wage-Loss Benefits
  • VR: Vocational Rehabilitation
  • VRC: Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant
  • WCA: Workers’ Compensation Act, RSBC 2019, c 1
  • WCAT: Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal
  • WCB: Workers’ Compensation Board/the Board/WorkSafeBC

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