Checklist for Workers' Compensation Interviews (7:App F)

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Obtain basic client information

Note WCB claim number

Determine worker’s claim status:

  • a) Present benefits
  • b) On what basis
  • c) Pending changes
  • d) Relevant decisions
  • e) Pending appeals

Review worker’s claim in full detail:

  • a) Date of injury
  • b) Nature of injury
  • c) Circumstances of injury
  • d) Client’s job
    • i) Remuneration
    • ii) Duties - job description
    • iii) Length of Employment

If claim was accepted, determine:

  • a) Initial benefit rate
  • b) Did benefit rate change after 10 weeks?
    • i) Evidence of long-term earnings given to WCB
    • ii) Client's actual work and earnings history

Any medical treatment and diagnosis

  • a) Client’s position
  • b) Doctor’s advice
  • c) Board’s position

Permanent disability

  • a) Return to previous job
  • b) Return to another job with same employer
  • c) Retraining

Long-term loss of earnings?

  • a) Other advisor or representatives
  • b) Workers’ advisor? Trade Union? Other?

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