Commercial Tenancies (19:XIV)

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This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by the Law Students' Legal Advice Program on August 2, 2023.

The RTA does not cover tenancies that are made for a commercial purpose (i.e., Renting a space to open a store). These tenancies would be covered by the Commercial Tenancy Act, RSBC 1996, c 57. Commercial tenancy law is much more complex than residential tenancy law, and individuals who believe they may have a legal issue related to a commercial tenancy are strongly encouraged to seek legal advice relevant to their individual situation.

A. Commercial or Residential Tenancy?

If you are unsure as to whether your tenancy is commercial or residential, and whether it falls within the Residential Tenancy Act, you should seek legal advice. For assistance in determining whether your tenancy is commercial or residential, it may be helpful to refer to Residential Tenancy Branch Policy Guideline no. 14: Type of Tenancy: Commercial or Residential.

B. Commercial Tenancy Resources

If you encounter an issue related to a commercial tenancy, resources that may be of assistance are listed in the “Resources” section at the end of this chapter.

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